Nurse practitioner scholarship application

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Subject Area:Nursing

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I have also done some other course related to my field of specialization. I am Registered Professional Nurse accredited by the University of the State of New York. With my skills, expertise and expansive knowledge in clinical studies and nursing that I have gained for years, I would like to apply for scholarship as a nursing practitioner at National Florida university in the US. After graduating as a medical doctor, I wanted to gain practical skills in nursing because to me nursing is a calling. I pursued courses like, Diploma of Management and General care of patients with physical and mental disabilities under rehabilitation programs; Bachelor of Science Nursing at University of the Sacred Heart, San Juan, Puerto Rico. To compliment my career, I have also acquired skills like, training in crisis prevention and intervention, Great medical coding and Risk Adjustment experience, Great effectiveness and creativity for problems solving, and great expertise in coordinating and monitoring systems among others.

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