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It has received attention from all over the world due to the impact that it has left all over the world. Prevalence is ever increasing and this is causing economic burden to countries. Some of the diseases that are caused by obesity include colon cancer, breast cancer, diabetes, stroke, hypertension etc. obesity also hinders one from performing any physical activities. Since the 1980’s obesity in adults in United Kingdom has increased by double. This leads to lower burning of calories which eventually leads obesity among the population. Diagnosis of obesity Using body mass index This is the most popular way of knowing whether one is obese or not. One’s body weight is compared to his or her height. Health professionals also look at other additional things to determine whether a person is at risk of other diseases related to obesity, Martin et all (2013).

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The BMI for adults indicate the following: • Normal weight ranges from 18. Ratio of waist to hip is also used and skinfold thickness is used. Conducting an ultra sound is also used and is more accurate than BMI. Prevention of obesity Obesity can be prevented by exercising regularly, eating a diet which is well balanced and have a healthy weight. Once there is a cell which is fat in your body, you cannot get rid of it but you can reduce it. Treatment Treatment of obesity has one main goal. If one has a BMI of 40 or more then the doctor can recommend surgery. The patient has to sacrifice a lot and change his or her lifestyle according to the surgery needs.

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Obesity prevalence in the UK Due to comparable data not being there it is very difficult to compare obesity prevalence in the UK. The devolved i. e. A health care professional can also prescribe weight loss medicine but it should be used together with other methods. Why is obesity a priority In the 21st century the population that is affected by obesity has increased so much. This has caused a serious public health issues. Since 1980s UK, obesity has almost doubled among adults. Obesity keeps on increasing and there is no sign that this will stop. Water is also cheap. Water should be provided after every meal. • Let kids engage in physical activities. The other goal is that children activities should be increased whether at home or school.

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If we do this then we are likely to meet reduction in obesity all over the country • The other goal is to reduce screen time in children. This is because healthy food requires a lot of time and resources to be cared for and come out nice. • It would be hard to get insurance companies on board because this would be an expensive task for them. Unless more money will be contributed the to convince insurance to undertake is going to be a daunting task. • We can say unhealthy food with a lot calorie may have better flavour than healthy food like kale. People who are able to buy healthy food might stick to unhealthy food. Reduced physical activity is responsible for this trend.

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Research carried out by professionals has shown that increase in physical activity and reduction in sedentary activities leads to lower obesity among children. For many children, if there is increased physical activity in their life it goes a long way to prevent the beginning of childhood obesity. Young children including animals are known to be active, therefore with some little encouragement children can engage in a lot of exercises. Children are known to perform lots of exercise even sometimes they can go without rest or very little rest. Physical activities like aerobics which might be easier for children who have healthy weights will become a serious problem to those who are obese and overweight. This can lead to injuries and also high fatigue.

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Failure to not engage children in physical activities may lead to obese children and they may lack confidence. Risk including diabetes type 2 may happen. Other modalities of obesity • The patient can undergo drug treatment of obesity. obesity is a big problem and it is causing lots of problems among family. People are losing lives because of obesity in the UK and all over the world. A lot of finance is being used in order to treat this epidemic. We should also try our best to prevent rather than to cure. References Apovian, C. H. , Baur, L. A. , Hall, K. , Puhl, R. , Reiman, T. , Clandinin, M. T. , McCargar, L. J. , LoMenzo, E. & Rosenthal, R. Outcomes of revisional treatment modalities in non-complicated Roux-en-Y gastric bypass patients with weight regain.

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