One Child and Two Child policies in China

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In some cases even the government has got involved in this debate advocating for a single child among the spouses. This is the stand of the government in some countries like China. Here the Chinese government has come up with these mechanisms as a way of checking on the population growth in this country. The government’s principals imposed taxes to those who violated these rules (Cheng, p29). It encourages for the singletons among the spouses rather than the siblings. However some people have differed with this figure claiming that it is false. On the other hand more than three-quarters of the people have strongly supported this policy. This means that it has been a culture in China to have one.

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However this policy has become controversial outside China. The major concern about the one child policy that exists in China is that it may lead to reduced number of the Chinese people in future because of the controlled birthrate. These cases resulted to increased number of girls placed in the orphanages, abortion and even infanticide of baby girl. The end result of this was reduced number of the females for marriage. A parent could still get the second child in the case of death or any other fatal accident was allowed to get the second child as well. The demographical trend changed in China. People desire more siblings hence they made efforts to change this policy to allow people to get two children.

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This is an age of above 60 years. This implies that there will be insufficiency of workers in China because this group may not be very productive when it comes to providing skills and energy to work. It therefore becomes a threat to economic stagnation of China. As a result, China changed rules to allow parents to have utmost two children for their families. But still this created doubts in the mind of the people who failed to be convinced the best policy between the first and the second policy. This contributes greatly to the social aspect of the child. He she gets a player partner of almost the same age. The singletons have always a big problem when it comes to this aspect.

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Such children are expected to be deficient in social skills because of poor socialization. This is because they lack children to interact with. This article has discussed the two types of policies in details based on various sources and then taken up a stand on the most applicable policy that is better for this case country; China. The birth order has also been discussed in depth to identify the difference between singleton and subsidiary. These two types of child bearing techniques among families can have impact on the family. After assessing the impact economically and socially, it is concluded that two child policy is a better family option in China than compared to the one child policy. It provides enough workforces required for the continued growth of the economy of a country.

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