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Online classroom software applications help the students cooperate in time and promote the education process by giving the students some tools to communicate including message boards and chat capabilities. Thus, online classrooms and real life classes have their own advantages and disadvantages differing in many ways such that one cannot fit into the other in any way possible. There are a number of ways in which the face-to-face and online classes differ. One good aspect about online students is that they are more self driven as compared to face-to-face learners. The instructor will enquire what they want to learn and thus focus on developing their knowledge rather than what they read. Moreover, online classes give the students an opportunity to learn well at their own pace.

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For instance, being woman with three children I don’t have enough time to study on campus. In addition, my learning style is part-time and my Language skills are not always perfect. As a result, I feel shy and a little self conscious making it difficult for me to communicate properly. However, when in online classes, I feel more relaxed thus getting the best out of my classes. Furthermore, unlike face-to-face classes, online classes offer the students an opportunity to study in depth , ask questions, and get feedback to my ideas without interacting face to face with others in the traditional classroom. This is because the students learn independently and retain their learning materials. All of this, in an online class, allows me to learn at my own pace, in a comfortable way.

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During my last semester I got a better grade on my work in an online class than on my campus class. Because of this I feel that the system is more suitable for me, and giving me more confidence in the virtual classroom. My eyesight has been compromised after two years of using computers on a regular basis. The online class does not only have a bad effect on the eyesight but it can also have a negative effect on your body physically. When a person sits long hours in front of the computer, they will not burn many calories because the lack of activity. I used to weigh 135 pounds before using computers. I ate a lot but when I started my online classes my weight ballooned to 150 pound.

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