Order to cash sales system Requirements Gathering and Structuring

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In acquiring the order-to-cash software, I will first establish what goals that the system needs to achieve. In the new organization in which am the manager, the software system seeks to ensure that the system has a proper alignment with its strategic goals and objectives (Chang, 2016). This is because the technology has been integrated efficiently into its daily routine of operations. The organization also needs a system that is compatible with the existing technology infrastructure in the organization. With this in mind, I will lead my team into the acquisition process. This will help us determine if there is a need for additional technology. I will lead my team in first determining how this software product will enhance, assist, and be integrated into the organizational processes for its success.

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This will be done with the facilitation of the stakeholders and a technology specialist. Studying the Resource Planning System technology so that any technological niche can be identified. Also, this will ensure that the system acquired has compatibility feature with the existing technology in the organization. This data model will have some qualities of integrity rules, attributes, entity types, relationships, and the definition of these various objects (Abrahamsson et al. This will help in providing a framework of the data that should be used in the data and also making an evaluation of how well the system to be developed can work. Also, the model can help in identifying areas of the system to be developed that need to be improved.

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Also, I will use data flow diagrams, decision trees, and diagrams in the process of improving the quality of decisions that I will make with the help of my team and the other stakeholders. All these models will model the real world with the aim of understanding a good understanding of the system and its working. However, to guarantee the quality of information received in the interviewing process, I will be neutral so that the interviewees will be free with me and give all the information that is relevant to the current system and therefore, the one that we purpose to develop. Also, I will gather information using questionnaires. The advantage of this method of data collection over other methods is that it can obtain information from diverse and many people for a relatively short time.

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This will guarantee me and my team information in as long as the right questionnaires are chosen for the right respondents. The last method I will use in the gathering of the information is the direct observing of the users. References Abrahamsson, P. Salo, O. Ronkainen, J. Warsta, J. Agile software development methods: Review and analysis. Business process management systems: strategy and implementation. CRC Press. Dennis, A. Wixom, B. H.

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