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” The website also states that the vision of the Jackson Memorial Hospital is “to be the best community healthcare system in the country and to be the provider of choice. ” In line with this vision, the hospital’s values are expertise, respect, accountability, compassion, innovation, teamwork, stewardship, and service. The goals are taking initiatives to explore new processes and improve outcomes, respecting others, responsibly managing resources, and achieving the highest standard of care. Nursing Mission of the Organization The nursing mission in Jackson Memorial Hospital is to use knowledge, skills, and compassion to make a difference in the lives of people that the hospital serves. To achieve this mission, the organization operates under the philosophy of providing compassionately delivered, technologically precise, and science-based nursing care with the goals of promoting comfort, lessening the effects of diseases, and helping patients to achieve an optimal level of self-care.

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In this way, I help the family practice unit in achieving its mission of holistic diagnosis and treatment of actual and potential responses to illness in a family setting (Parse, 2015). Nursing Department Structure The structure of the family practice department at Jackson Memorial Hospital is centralized. The nurses in the unit report to a nurse manager who is in charge of the department or unit. The manager makes leadership decisions and communicates them to the nurses. Every department in Jackson Memorial Hospital has a nursing manager, who in turn reports to a chief nursing officer. Therefore, they are able to overcome numerous types of challenges in dispensing quality care to patients. Also, in the ability to apply evidence-based education, nurses promote and improve the health of individuals, families, and communities; hence, strengthening the mission and vision and the organization structure.

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