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I trust that this statement will affirm why Isabella deserves the position in your school. The main focus of the statement is the experiences, including the commendations from teachers, friends, neighbors, and siblings. Isabella Huang is a ten-year-old fifth grader in San Francisco, CA. in her fourth grade; she was awarded an honor roll student. She was also awarded the honor roll in the first quarter and is expected to be honored during the second quarter. Since her first day, I have many things concerning her, including the exclusive gifts and talents, things I would like to bring to your attention. Isabella is a child bestowed with unique potential and can easily adapt to situations. She has an inborn urge to explore and learn new things.

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When exposed to a new environment, Isabella will ask questions. I remember when she was seven years and I would visit the mall with her, she used to ask us about the names of certain products. Growing up, Isabella has not experienced any health complication and has very good eating and sleeping habits. Since she was one year old, Isabella has been sleeping through the night. Her mental status is good, though she sometimes gets sensitive when hurt. However, she can easily get over the anger and makeup with friends who have wronged her. At home, I have taught her to ask for forgiveness whenever she wrongs a person, including her teachers. She is the kind of girl who understands the benefit of friendships.

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With I can all agree such personalities are rare not only among children but also adults. She is very kind and considerate. Even before she started schooling, Isabella could share her toys with other children and invite them to our house. Also, when she started schooling, her teacher revealed to us how she was very instrumental in helping her classmate. Her willingness to share things with others and welcome strangers reveals her desire to learn about charity and community service. She is a child endowed with exceptional potential and I believe. She also loves cooking. Isabella has been staying around the kitchen during cooking moments. She also loves to ask the names of certain ingredients and meals. She was very happy with the teachers, including the techniques used in teaching.

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Given a chance to study in the school, she will definitely enjoy her learning and would study hard to successfully pass through her 6-12 grades. She could vividly narrate the experience she had during the shadow class, it is clear that she feels very safe belonging to the school. When I asked her about the prospects of joining the school, she was very excited and I believe that being granted the chance to study in the school will motivate her to work harder. I have already shared with her the expectations from teachers and she enthusiastically acknowledged following through everything. However, I understand that she will need to tone down her reactions to the realities of school life. I believe that, going forward, Isabella will learn how to cope with others.

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I was also impressed by the school code of conduct for children. I believe that the guidelines will offer her with a good foundation to learn to interact with others away from the home environment. Some of the weaknesses will be unlearned with time and Isabella will grow to be a responsible young woman. This has been a difficult thing for her to accept. However, I hope that she will one day learn to associate and accept the leadership of others without qualms. In a nutshell, I believe that admission to the school will assist Isabella to unlearn numerous things and develop her strengths. As a ten-year-old, we understand that she has a long way to go both schooling and life.

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