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STRENGTHS INVENTORY Every individual, group, family, and the community has strengths. Name three (3) major strengths and describe. A-Versatility. My greatest strength is versatility. Versatility is the ability or the capability of adapting easily to different tasks. I understand that telling the truth is the only way of getting people to trust you and understand you. Often, honesty gives me a piece of the mind, and it is easier for me to fulfill the sense of justice. The act of practicing honesty usually provides me with self-confidence and self-respect. I am always honest as to why I do somethings late. Name three challenges and describe. I am always ready to confront or attack whoever that I feel like or observe is not be moving in the direction of professionalism.

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I often attack my colleagues who seem reluctant at work. Name and describe two solutions to challenges. (10) A-My greatest challenge is being critical to my own-self. Whenever I am being critical, I tend to hinder my progress because I use a lot of time thinking on how I should have bettered the past. During my first year in college, I used to depend on my parents and close relative for my survival. I could almost call them each day asking for some money; however, for most of them, the reaction or the response was not good. This prompted me to think otherwise. I sold my laptop and asked a loan from my friend, Maggy, to add up and start a cyber café.

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Yes, this was a risk but all over sudden, the business picked up, and I never asked money from anyone whatsoever. Whenever I am stressed, she comes over to comfort me. She often asks me to look at her as a living example. SELF-KNOWLEDGE ABOUT YOUR CULTURE & DIVERSITY Self-awareness of your cultural identity is a prerequisite to building cross-cultural skills and knowledge. What is your race and ethnicity and cultural identities? My race is Latin American. My ethnicity and cultural identity is associated with Asians. What does your culture stress? My culture defines a family as a state of commonness that an individual would not afford to miss. My culture argues that, in one way or the other, a person belongs to a particular family.

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My culture encourages collective behaviors. The reason for encouraging collective behaviors is because people live in society, therefore, increased probability of depending on each other for survival. What are your spiritual/religious beliefs? My religion is Roman Catholic. For instance, the belief of baptism. My religion holds that when an individual is baptized, water should be dropped on his her head. This is contrary to other religions which demand that an individual is dipped, wholly, in the water. Again, I completely become uncomfortable when Islamics say they are reading the Quran instead of the Bible. Lastly, I feel like Islamics are abusing God when they call Him Allah. We took her to the nearest hospital. In the hospital, different kinds of people were coming, and as they were coming, they were required to line up and wait for their turn.

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Then a middle-aged man came with his sick daughter. From the appearance, the man was eating really well. He demanded to see the doctor. I think this made me more responsible. SELF-ASSESSMENT Being impartial in evaluating clients and their situations is essential, that is, being non-judgmental. How do you self-assess? 16. Name two biases that may impact on your practice. A-I am biased against people that discriminate others on the basis of race, ethnicity, and gender. Describe a light-bulb moment that was meaningful to you? The light-bulb moment that was meaningful to me is transforming myself from being a dependent person to an independent person. This happened when I successfully opened my cyber café and started earning instead of being dependent on parents and relatives.

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