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I perceived project management as a field that is very complex, volatile and uncertain due to elements such as budgeting and goal setting, allocation of resources, solving of different problems and the monitoring of results. Throughout the organizations, I have worked project management has been used effectively to address various key issues. Through project management, my organization was able to anticipate costs and set realistic budgets, helped in creating timelines for projects and ensure proper allocation of resources. However in some instances, project managers failed to factor the perceived risks of the undertaken projects, decision making never involved the subordinates and also they did not perform the stakeholder analysis. All these factors made the organization fail to achieve the set goals and objectives of a given project. Conflict Resolution Looking back, there was a time I was involved in a conflicting situation and I had to resolve it using effective communication. During my internship, I worked with a teammate who was less interested in pulling his weight. This situation created conflict for the project we were undertaking. After I consistently observed that he was not doing his part as required, I decided one day to pull him aside and talk to him. I decided that it was not appropriate to talk to him in front of all members of the team because I did not want him to feel at defense. I let him kindly know that he was not performing his tasks/duties and that this was creating problems for the whole team.

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I realized that he was having personal problems with one of the team members. After getting a clear understanding and talking about the situation for some few minutes, I appreciated his situations and he appreciated my perspective also. That short conversation made him develop the trust factor. We both understood each other perspectives and I no longer had to worry about why he was missing deadline again. I believe that I could have handled the situation differently today by calling the two members privately and help them resolve the problems instead of just appreciating his situation. This could have led to increase teamwork and every member would be comfortable in the workplace. Project Scope Management Project management usually involves phases that include planning, build up, implementation and closeout. During the process of project management, the project may experience some changes.

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Therefore, it is important to recognize that very few projects are ever completed according to the original budget and plan. I have also realized that project management is an orderly process that ensures the right people do the right things at the right time. I am confident that the knowledge acquired in this course will not only be for academic purpose but also a great opportunity for me to sharpen my skills and knowledge as a future project manager. I am confident that great and careful project management is a key factor in the success of any firm. I have realized so far that project management creates and enables a happy and motivated team who focus on clearly set goals, schedules, and deadline. Being a good project manager is all about combining the filed knowledge acquired with the relevant project management skills.

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The various types of risk I face personally include relationship risk, liability risk, and safety risk. For instance, I face relationships risk because life is full of relationships such as acquaintances, coworkers, family, and friends. Since I am a social person who largely depends on these relationships, I have to manage them daily to avoid the risk of losing them. In addition, I face potential personal liability risk such as injuries and identity theft due to the hyper-connected world. Since I am grown up now I do not have to tell my parents about the safety risks that I face from all the hazards of the world. I am confident that I can be able to apply better scheduling and budgeting, cost containment, quality planning, and change management processes. As a project manager, I will be able to better allocate resources, communicate effectively in the company and pay more attention to risk management.

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This course has enabled me to appreciate that project management is no longer simply about delivery but offers a big picture on how to meet the strategic goals of the organization. The skills I have acquired will benefit the business through better customer satisfaction, strong strategic alignment, and increased efficiencies. I have realized that I will need the skills of project management in future due to the growing relevance and importance of projects today as they are being delivered in more uncertain and complex environments.

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