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Secondly, one of the basic needs have man; shelter, is majorly based on real estate. Finally, the livelihoods of all working class are based on real estate. Real estate answers the questions of where one lives and where one can work to earn a living. Real estate is about realizing the dreams of people when it comes to owning a home and property acquisition. In this modern era, real estate development continues to outdo the expectations of many as there are more high-rises being built that are safer, classier, and more efficient since modern technology is being employed. The park gives life to the whole area as it creates the ambiance of some hometown, a center for all to come together, that is the working people and the residents.

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However, Philly’s Navy Yard does not have residential area, that would make the yard blossom even more, the current office and laboratories and industrial set up is currently driving the success of the Navy yard. Looking at the revised 2013 master plan where the Yard was to be used as some sort of commuter campus, then the Navy Yard is a success, though the importance of the benefits that comes with a local community in a given residential area should not continue to be ignored. Solely on this module, when it comes to the question of real estate development as an industry or a career, my choice would lean on both. The industry helped the restoration of this Yard that was in reunites to create a dependable working environment that is effective, beautiful working space and a growing city.

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However, the office space has an open office set up, as one walks from one section to another there are clear distinctions brought about by the different design levels and the use by the individual section of the company. This is further amplified by the huge windows through the whole space, that gives ample lighting while also a good relaxing working ambiance to the space. However, the different Urban Outfitters, Free People, and Anthropologie work in the same building all the staff come together in the common areas like the courtyard, fitness center, cafeteria, and coffee shop: spaces that intertwine all these brands to suite the satisfaction of all. This module helped me to realize the potential of real estate development as a career.

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Currently, there are very many modern modules when it comes to office spaces, but the lesson from this was that an office space should not only be modern, hippy, vibrant, colorful and all that, rather an office space should tell the story of the brand. First of all, I got to understand what passive homes which I really dint have interest in and further I learn the importance of passive homes in the current world wide state. Global warming has been an issue over the years and is expected to get even worse over the years to come if we all do not make changes to our lifestyle and come up with ways to secure our environment. Passive homes, though not familiar in most regions is a start that will help in reducing the pollution to the environment.

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The homes are affordable yet very sustainable when it comes to environmental conservation. I guess this is the first step in the in the real estate development industry in helping in the reducing global warming initiative that employs a whole change to the way were doing things currently. To sustain the rising population new building had to be built this was further influenced by the railway stations being build. These changes saw the shift of Philadelphia as a cultural center and the financial capital of the nation title to become and industrial are and major urban area by the end of the 19th century. The city fast growth was also part of its demise in the early 1900s when there was a shift in the economic to other states and areas.

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