Personal Statement Essay for Bachelor of Science in Computer Science

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My parents relocated to the United States but were not really settled. My parents moved every two years on average. When we first arrived, my parents worked in the fields, picking cherries and strawberries for a living. I had to work with them to boost the family income. I labored with them all day on hot days. I worked at United Parcel Company as a fulltime driver and at the same time attended my classes for the Associate’s degree. Balancing the two was not easy. I, however, learned to live with it as it was the only way I could earn money for my personal use as well as to help pay for my degree. The UPS job clashed with the schedule for my Associate’s degree classes.

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I had to skip some classes and make up for them at later dates. After realizing that some of the commitments I had were holding me back, I tried to put more of my time on academics in order to cater for the lost time. This made me overwhelm myself again trying to catch up but I eventually learned to be patient. However, being a full-time UPS driver was the biggest obstacle. It continuously became a challenge to attend classes while at the same time working full time at UPS. Later on, I learned how I could work at Amazon and earn money. However, I grew passionate about computer science and decided to change my major to Computer Science. I love computers and would love to have an impact on the development of important computer technologies, applications, and software that would improve the lives of people.

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