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From the accumulation of the experience that I have acquired over years, I have developed basic and technical skills to speak, read, and write fluently in English and Chinese. I am able to relay the style and the tones of the original language by converting messages to my audience’s language with ease. Imagine trying to communicate to people around you and no one is grasping any of your expressions! Barriers to express oneself are the primary obstacles that some immigrants face when they go to a health institution in a country or areas where they do not know the national language of the country. Besides my passion for translating languages especially from English to Chinese, I believe that the immigrants in a country have the need to close the gap between different languages.

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Therefore, I believe being a problem solver, a leader, excellent listening and having organizational skills are part of the skills and abilities that are the need to pursue a master’s degree in Communications. Additionally, I am also a language enthusiast- I love learning about the different cultures that my friends carry, and learn different languages that they speak. Therefore, the fire in my belly to learn more languages has led to gain some basics studies in French. In addition, I am studying Korean as my third language. I believe that the University of Hawaii is the ideal place for me to pursue a master’s degree in communication. My desire is propelled by the fact that the university shares a common goal with me in valuing humanity above everything else.

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