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Conduct marketing research (Market and environment analysis): this will involve wide homework on the market to find out the number of potential buyers, other marketing professionals who want to reach the same market or audience and the possible expectation of the customers. For efficient research, we can make use of research tools such as WordTracker, Trellians Keyword Discovery or online survey tools such as Websurveyor and Wufoo. ii. Develop a strategy (fixing marketing target): the marketing strategy created should address how to leverage the knowledge of the market in surpassing the potential competitors, identifying the ideal customer and price leveraging method to maximize the profits. iii. For example, the full perspective should be gathered from peers, experts, community members, and beneficiaries by simply asking for clarification about grantees results and to avoid punishments or making mistakes.

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b) Create a culture of measurement. For example, one can take some trial and error and the willingness to iterate as a way of turning measurements into the learning experience which improves performance over time. Engage with your grantees and internal grant-making team to measure or test the positivity of the approach. Goals of the philanthropic initiative This is a strategic plan which can be used to solidify the brand of the doughnuts in the market and grow the sales gradually. Therefore, it is vital to make the image of the product meet the requirements of the entire market to surpass other competitors. The best option to maintain a good image of the company is to continue producing products which meet the desires of the potential customers.

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