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” She later visualizes that being alone is not good enough and she states that she wants to be as far as possible when she mentions, “exactly as much as still with you. ” Pico Iyer’s article on the other is easy to comprehend and it revolves around the various reasons that people have for travelling to the outside World and exploring it just as he says in his article, “We travel to lose ourselves, next, we travel to find ourselves”. The main aim of this paper is to prove a point that travelling around the world aids one to find themselves as well as find what they have been wanting in life. Jennifer Grotz’s Self-Portrait on the Street of an Unnamed Foreign City is a touching poem that revolves around an individual who catches a glimpse of their own image on a shop window and this attracts their attention.

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Behind the focused woman, a man passes by almost clamoring to his mobile phone. In this article, Pico Iyer explores the reasons behind leaving our own certainties and beliefs at home just to see what the outside world has for us with open eyes. Pico states that we all have different reasons behind our travelling. He first mentions the fact that most travel initially to lose themselves and the next thing is to find themselves. This alludes that most people travel to explore places they have never been before to satisfy their curiosity. Pico further states that we travel to open both our hearts and eyes to learn more about the World than any magazines, newspapers and articles will accommodate. Pico Iyer on the other hand gives sufficient reasons for travelling and anyone who reads his work of Why We Travel is likely to spend more time travelling than doing any other thing.

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Basically, Pico does not discuss any negative result of travelling. This demystifies Jennifer and Pico’s biasness in showing the positive side of travelling. Pico is keen to observe that whenever we travel to new places, we add to our ignorance and knowledge. This alludes that most people who are very negative about travelling are more ignorant and less knowledgeable as compared to those who take their time to travel and face the outside World. ” Pico Iyer does not talk about loneliness in his article. This alludes that he believes that as long as an individual travels to the outside world to explore, he or she has sufficient adventure even if he is alone. Conclusion Pico Iyer’s Why We Travel is very essential in our daily endeavors since it not only expounds on the reasons for travelling but also motivates the people who are less passionate about travelling to be encouraged to set out to the outside World.

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