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Apart from the theme of love which the film Pillow talk comprises, the film has four essential elements that make this movie a romantic comedy and these elements are setting, props, stock characters and narrative pattern. On the other hand, the aspects that make it stand out as a sex comedy are the themes present such as infidelity and some specific actions among the characters. First I will analyze the element of settings which has played a significant part in influencing the film to become a romantic comedy. The film comprises many phone conversations, and in most instances, those conversing are in their bedrooms. The bedroom is associated with romance, and it’s due to this element that the film develops to become a romantic comedy.

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From this act where Brad and Jan share a phone line one can eavesdrop the other person's conversation, and it’s due to this that we learn that Brad has the habit of calling different women and declaring his love for each one of them. Also the film has several instances where male characters are seducing the female characters, and these acts of seduction add up to a perfect romantic comedy. Brad a main character in the film, and he has a habit of seducing different women over the phone to a point where Jan consider him to be a sex maniac. The other act of seduction is where Jonathan tries to seduce Jan to a point where he offers her a silvery-blue convertible, but Jan ends up refusing his offer (Meehan).

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The other act of love is between Brad and Marie, and their love affair ends up with some romance in Brad’s house. In this film, we have unsuitable partners and suitable partners whereby the unsuitable partner plays that role of highlighting what is right for the suitable character. Therefore the actions of the unsuitable character are to reinforce that theme of romance in the film. In this film both Brad and Jan are suitable characters because they end up accomplishing the main intention of the film while characters such as Jonathan and Tony are unsuitable character. Finally we have narrative patterns. In this film a boy meets a girl narrative is put into place whereby Jan and Brad end up marrying.

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In most cases, women quickly fall in love with gentlemen like Jonathan but aren't the case with Jan. The difference in love affairs that exists between Jan and Brad separates them in the first’s scenes of the film, and it's that difference that makes them come together at the end of the film. Therefore that difference helps the film to have a regular flow in affairs concerning love, and it's due to this that the film accomplishes to become a romantic comedy. Apart from the four elements that make pillow talk to be a romantic comedy, there are other aspects such as a theme of infidelity and the presence of characters such as Jonathan and Brad who seem to possess great wit, ability and desire to seduce women and manipulation is put into place.

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