Vetheuil in summer by Claude Monet Analysis

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Over the years, the art of making paintings has developed in various forms ranging from simple figures painted using simple materials on the wall to complex and clearer images on canvas using various materials which are portable. The process of painting has since then developed from domestic purposes such as painting for fun to the development of a commercial art which is made a profession where one can pursue it as a career and generate a livelihood from it. Various techniques have been developed over time where different artists use unique styles to develop their works thus leading to the various concepts to be associated with a specific individual as well as the different historical eras they represent in the history of art.

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Although there have been various artists who are famous for various works in history Claude Monet has been able to create a niche in the history of painted works throughout the nineteenth century through his unique style which has been dubbed as impressionism. Despite the fact that Monet's paintings are unique, they also create an impression of how the painter loved various natural landscapes. When observing the image closer, the painting has a rough texture which indicates that it was made using a brush with thick bristles since thick brushstrokes can be observed form the paint. The technique used in the work is known as an impasto technique which makes the surface of pains have a unitary texture and it does not show clear contours on the surface when utilized (Seitz, 13).

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The work is vague and this characteristic makes the piece look more fluid enabling it to capture the light as well as the air based on the nature of the scenery. In the image, there is a contrast between the upper part and the lower part. The upper part is painted smoothly to represent the uniformity of the appearance of the sky while the lower part has a rough texture showing the moving water and this situation leads to the development of a focal point where the two regions intersect (Seitz, 10). The light in the painting is well balanced to enable the visibility of the features in the image. Throughout his career, Monet had mastered the technique of using various colors to create the desired light in various landscape sketches that he had passion in making.

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As an impressionist, Monet had a great ability in the making of thin layers of paint using the small thin and visible strokes enabled him to develop an accurate depiction of the quality of light in the image. According to Schapiro (28), Monet's painting was made of high-quality paints which when mixed with oil resulted to a fine tone which was bright and long lasting therefore maintaining the quality of his works without fading. Such paints which are used include a layer of lead white paint which makes it be bright enhancing the visibility of the features in the painting (Fuller, 23). Works cited Fuller, William H. "Claude Monet And His Paintings". Research. Nyarc. Org, 2015, http://research. Seitz, William C. , and Claude Monet.

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