Yin Yang and the Hegelian Model

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The ying-yang spiritual vision regarding the relationship[p between unchanging and changing being as reported in the Yin-yang text does not involve the ability to change over unchanging being as well as the immutable priority over changing being. However, regards changing and unchanging being complementary to each other. Yin- yang metaphysical vision shows a robust methodological implication, and it discusses the way of thinking associated with yin-yang. In a more theoretical approach, the Ying-yang model of interaction as well as the transformation pinpoints on the collective wisdom of the ancient people of China on how to comprehend various fundamentals ways of the universe and also how to view what is happening within ourselves. It has profoundly affected the mental orientation as well as methodological measures of the thinkers of subsequent China in various institutions as well as the organization.

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In a comparative examination of Yin- Yang and the Hegelian models, the two models have common ideas in some respects and distinctive in others. Both models highlight the universal existence of two correlative contraries, yin and yang or thesis and the antithesis. Both of the two models has emphasised on the relations between the opposites includes the interde[pendant as well as interactional. The interactional relationship can be regarded as fundamental since the interaction of the two contraries consists of the ultimate source and final pushing force for the development and transformation of everything in the world. The independent relationship is not static but its dynamic. People with a higher sensed or a solid history of effectiveness tend to live a long life, maintenance of good health and also participation is vigorous in civil life.

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Two various distinct approaches can be used to address social determinants of the community health and development, one of them is the identification of how different social factors affect the matter you are linked to. The second approach is the development and the implementation of an action plan based on an understanding of how, from what angle, to efficiently tackle so that to create change on how the matter plays out in the community as well as ultimately resolve the challenge. As far as the two distinct approaches are concerned, basing on the Hegelian model as well as the Yin-Yang model we can give an analysis of how we should sufficiently view the relationship between perspective dimensions of the two approaches involved in addressing the social determinants of community health and developments.

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These two distinct approaches are eligible and when relating to the Hegelian model and the yin yang way of thinking. So according to this model the approaches discussed should first of all be understood. The criteria should also be fundamental; their interaction must push everything to become a process, for instance, forming, developing, altering as well as changing. For the succession of this distinct approaches they must be involved in a process in the formation of various strategies, development and also they must be improving too. They must be contemporary to each other meaning they should be supportive as well as supplementary to each other; each approach should mutually benefit from the different approach. They should also be united into one thing, meaning they should be holistic, they should not separate.

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Basing on the differences, the yin-yang complementary way emphasis on the cooperation within resulting to the equilibrium balance hence reaching harmony within the yin-yang unity through complementarity. The Hegelian dialectical way has the opposition without and thus reaching to the synthesis without antithesis via sublation. The two models have one within common that they emphasise, these are their existence being universal, their relation being interdependent as well as interactional, they interaction is fundamental, dynamic interdependence, as well as active development, being equilibrium. WORK CITED “Asian Philosophy Yi-Jing and Yin-Yang and Hegel Models. ” Scribd, Scribd, www. In its broad. www. bing. com/cr?IG=43C2F54E1CD6437DA041D98EEAD836DD&CID=268DF0042368604A17DBFB7822C761D1&rd=1&h=wpD61qZd93D1_5IoL4APZ2BFsOrAv6c6HNM247FhhD0&v=1&r=http%3a%2f%2fodip.

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