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George, he was admired and respected by the public, he had a reputation as a stalwart patriot, ambition, wealth, temperament, character, charm, experiences in several fields, energy, and charisma. People trusted him because he was not corruptible. He was not the most intelligent leader, but he got most of his ideas from others such as Madison, Jefferson, Henry, Mason, and Franklin. I can relate George’s to my leadership values in several ways. One of them is the deep respect for others. I expect that people whom I lead have confidence in me. A good leader calls for doing things in a group, and it is very imperative that whoever leads doesn’t become a dictator. Dictatorship is not an efficient manner of motivating people towards a given goal, but a leader should allow people to check them while encouraging them in the right direction.

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George took part in the writing of the Constitution of the US. The constitution creates a basis of good leadership and provides a system of checks and balances. He spends most of his time pondering and reflecting. In conclusion, I would like to reflect on his unifying value which I would like to model in my life. During his reign as the president, he tried unifying opposing sides of the country so that they could be governed together. Divisions can never lead to the achievement of goals. I would like to emulate this because he figured out how to incorporate opposing ideas so that the outcome is best for everyone. In this article, Cuban thinks that artificial intelligence uses human skills in unlocking AI’s full potential because AI has no capability of understanding human feelings.

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The definition of creative thinking matches very well with the with the title “Six Types Of Thinking To Drive Digital Innovation” in Katya (2017) which gives the types of thinking patterns such as the doer, the detailer, the driver, the debater, the disruptor and the dreamer which are very instrumental in coming up with creative solutions. It also relates to the title “How To Use Creative Thinking In Business” in Lynda (2017) which provide elaborate steps for creativity which includes preparation, incubation, illumination, and verification. Essay: 400 words Communication The success of communications depends on the way the message is clear and concise and also the connection or the relationship between the sender and the receiver. Workplace communications involve the transmission of information between two or more entities and ranges from voicemails to texts.

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Other advantages include the creation of more connections and friends, breeding trust and building long-lasting relationships. Critical thinking Critical thinking involves the study of structures if thinking implicitly in the question encountered, problem or an issue, in the objections, form alternative views, consequences, and implications. It combines philosophy, the moral, economic, anthropological, mathematical and scientific thinking among others. It comprises of the habit of the use intellectual commitment of using skills to guide commitment. Examples of direct application of critical thinking in the workplace are in saving time. This may include playing, being clear with assumptions and solving riddles. Creative thinking involves devising new ways of meeting challenges, solving problems and carrying out tasks. There are several opportunities for creative thinking in a work environment which vary from a highly technical position and artistic ones.

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