The crucible comparison with other Arthur Millers plays

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The plot of the play entails the positioning of various characters in the play by bestowing various traits to these characters to fit into the plot. Each character is described to take a particular personality. There are three main characters in the play: Eddie Carbone, Alfieri, and Rodolpho. The plot is centered on the comparison of tribal law and American law. The narrator, Alfieri, is an Italian-American and seems biased towards his Italian roots. The description of the characters in the play at the start of every scene makes it possible for the audience to keep track of the short chapters in the play. Although Alfieri tries to frame the play as a modern fairy tale, he remains insignificant and does not influence the direction of the play in general.

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Humor is also evident with regards to the manner in which characters behave throughout the. For instance, Rodolpho is introduced and illustrated by the plot as a joker even from the description of both his physical looks and character1. While Eddie is perceived as a formal and all-responsible cheerful character. Rodolpho turns out to be a funny person that entertains everyone especially through his own style of jazz. He spends a lot of time with Catherine which makes Eddie to become jealous. The tactics used by Eddie to try to win over Catherine are humorous and ineffective. Rodolpho ends up being the lucky man to marry Catherine and commit to a responsible adult3. This makes a turn in the character of Rodolpho as he takes a more responsible personality as a married man.

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It forced him to reevaluate all what his father had taught him about the world. He realizes that his father was living in denial and had created a different world in his mind. Willy seems to be living in a world of fantasy. He is not as successful as he wants everybody to believe. It is funny that he likes to brag about his success but his family cannot feel the success. The actions of Willy are as a result of his failure to achieve success. He desperately engages with his friends and co-workers in a tragically light moment before agitation sets in. This entails the scenes where Wily seeks for a loan higher than he usually does4. It is tragically humorous that Willy lives all his life as a fantasy instead of striving to achieve the American dream5.

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Although he seems to cope well with his wife and his son Happy, his father-son scenes with Biff are depicted up until Wily find it hard to adapt to changes which then leads to him committing suicide and having a poorly attended funeral6. However, Abigail tells the rest of the girls not to say anything. She is then talked to be John Proctor. Given that Betty had previously had an affair with Proctor, she thought it would be an opportunity to mend their relations. However, she is angered that he does not acknowledge any feelings for her. This is funny considering Proctor was married to Elizabeth, and Abigail had taken advantage when Elizabeth was sick to get close to her husband.

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The plot therefore changes the humor from a tragic comedy to a serious justice issue facing a society. It emerges that those accusing others of witchcraft are only doing it in order to satisfy their own needs. For instance, Abigail accused Elizabeth as she wanted her locked up in order for her to stay with Proctor. The betrayals eventually lead to John Proctor being imprisoned as well as his wife Elizabeth. Proctor is eventually executed and Abigail do not get to have him as a husband although it seems she is the one that started all the problems10. "A Study from a New Historicist Approach of Arthur Miller's Death of a Salesman. " PhD diss. , Middle East University, 2016. Tag, Shadow, and Louise Erdrich.

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