Planned Change in Human Resource Department

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A realistic model of change like the Kurt Lewin’s theory helps to understand the scope of the transformation within the department in the Walmart organizational structure to solve the problem of incompetent performance evaluation. Identification of the Problem One of the major problems in the Human Resource Department at The George Washington Hospital Medical organization is the incompetent evaluation of terms of work that is caused by poor performance reviews of the labor force (Mitchell, 2013). The labor force is an ideal part of the operationalization in the organization and a failed system of evaluation makes the department of human resource fail to offer effective service delivery. Ultimately, the height of poor charters of services increases and the extent of reduced workmanship scales.

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The poor performance review is the source of low workmanship since it helps in the allowance of poor work reception that lowers the degree of artistry within the organization. Majorly, the failure to undertake a thorough performance reviews makes the organization fail to undertake an efficient trend analysis of its service charter. Ultimately, the degree of enhanced productivity through the beefed extent of the delivery of services reduces. The ability of the organization to keep track of the latest practices with human resources depends on the task force within the department that is skilled. Skilled labor force within the department clears the problem, makes the organization thrive, and curtails poor production process. A Summary of the Alignment of the Change to the Organization The change aligns itself with the values of the organization geared towards enhancing production through ethics and professionalism adhering to the stipulated legislation within the organizational framework.

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An organizational framework of The George Washington Hospital Medical organization needs the model to enhance its degree of service delivery through an activated department of human resource. The rationale behind the selection is because the model is strategically within the department to improve the state of effective workmanship, boost ethics, and enhance effective delivery of services. Alongside that, there is the need for the department to enhance its platform for reviews and performance analysis of the workforce, hence, the change model. The model is effective since it makes the human resourcing at the organization needs a professional approach that builds on work ethics, favorable service charters, and standards of work provided by the model. One of the alignment steps involves the practical application of effective policy formulation that brings on board every stakeholder and enhances inclusivity to favor boosted production.

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