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Many people have diverse views and opinions on the general issue of plastic surgery and the various issues that surrounds it. It is one of the issues that touch on the normalcy of lives of many people in society today and also how people are striving to live. Many women today are akin to various issues surrounding the application of plastic surgery to enhance their beauty and their general outlook, and this has become a major point of concern in the present society. The study aims at examining the various advantages and applicability of plastic surgery in the society today. Dittmann Mellissa points out that most women celebrities in the society today are much interested in their looks than anything else in society.

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Plastic surgery is also a great concept that is used by the people in society today to achieve their desired look. It is a personal choice to attain a given look that they so desires, and this is based on how one feels their bodies and the general appearance should look. It is a major point of view that I feel plastic surgery has created massive usability and advantages and usability in the present world. The development in technology which eventually led to the massive development and application of the basis of plastic surgery today has allowed for the massive developments in the beautification process is a great concept that is highly commendable in the society today. This is a major point of view that I also feel important in modern society (Neligan 78).

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The breasts which have fallen or disfigured or also dismembered due to an accident can be fitted back to look in a desired shape and outlook. This is also made possible through the use of breast surgery. Breast surgery is a concept that the breasts are made to look and take a given shape. Many women celebrities have taken part in this surgery to correct their breasts and also achieve the desired outlook that will fit in the needs and the desired looks that they want to achieve. Breast transplant and other implants are therefore some of the concepts and units of breast implants that many women in society today are fully aware. The application of the plastic surgery procedure is applied to restore the original looks of the persons in the society.

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