Political Power and Political Culture in New York

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Political power on the other hand, is the ability held by an individual, e. g. , the president or a group of individuals, e. g. , the cabinet that enables them to be able to make or enforce policies to a community and manage the resources of that community. Only recently in 1962, after the passage of the fifteenth amendment, were they allowed to vote. This made the people of color not able to voice their concerns as the people in power were against the rights of these people. This resulted in the blacks lagging behind in almost every sector. In education, they did not go to school as not even the leaders saw the need for them to go to school as they would just end up as slaves.

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The people of color also lagged behind in employment. With the help of their educated children, they started learning about their government and their political process. Their educated children also started getting employment, and this further made them believe in the government more and more. With all these, they started changing their political culture and started turning up to vote. They became a population with subject political culture. Most of the people of color became a people with participatory political culture in 1990 when David Norman Dinkins became the first and the only mayor that Ney York has ever had. The main one is from historical political culture. Most of the people have beliefs and feelings about the government that was passed from their parents and the society in general.

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This type of political culture is hard to change as it is hard wired to the individual. It is what the person grew up knowing the government is. These people have these beliefs about the government even if the government changes. The people in power can very easily do away with this and yet they sill let it go on. This is a prime example of how racism in political power can affect the people. There is also the problem of balance of power. Ever since there has only been one black mayor in New York, David Norman Dinkins, and not even a single woman as mayor of New York. This shows a grave unbalance of power in the state. If the person with the political power knows how to use the power the people will get all kinds of opportunities from it.

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If the person in power starts building schools and hospitals this will enable the people to have better health thus prolonging their lives. The schools will help the people to get an education and thus employment. This will improve the life of the people. The people with the political power can also implement laws and regulations that help the people. In the end, the people have a shorter and miserable life. People will also be afraid to invest in the state as they will be afraid of the embezzlement of funds in the state. The quality of services in the state will also as a result reduce dramatically. All these will result in the people lacking respect for the people in power.

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Eventually, the people might have to step up and voice their concerns about the state of affairs and the people in power might be removed from power. This will enable them to be better in seeing where problems are. They should also be educated on where they should voice their grievances in case they have some. This will ensure that they are able to whistle blow easily incase of misuse of power. With this, they will be more educated on the best ways to make sure that the state is smoothly run. In conclusion, it is obvious that there is unequal resource distribution within the state of New York. Fiske, John, and Black Hawk Hancock.  Media matters: Race & gender in US politics.

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