Possible Benefits of Early Mobilization After Acute Stoke

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This provides the broadest avenue for external evidence in medical research; which will yield results that are representative of the medical timelines for different conditions that are referenced in the database (Jesson & Lacey, 2006). Further, the Pubmed database has extensions to other affiliated databases and allied publishers that helps to extend the coverage and quality of the information on the database. There is thus a vast amount of related information on the topic, as compared to other databases that are majorly intrinsic. The database is also stocked and maintained by medical practitioners and those in the medical field, especially in the nursing profession. To this, a vast majority of the data and information that the database carries is drawn from firsthand experiences of the practitioners in the field.

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Knowing what is in the database before making a choice is the most important aspect of the data search process. The database that best meets the needs of the prompt was selected. Further, the most extensive and credible database was chosen from among those reviewed. The National Committee on Quality Assurance website, is arranged with the banner options for sectional approach. The patients’ experience reporting section offers a data source where valuable information on the prompt can be accessed for the study (National Committee on Quality Assurance, 2015) The data is arranged categorically and is catalogued for easy retrieval. CAHPS Patient Experience Reporting Distinction. Retrieved from https://www. ncqa. org/Portals/0/Patient%20Experience%20Web%2009%20 30%2011. pdf?ver=2011-10- 03-144056- 000 Schardt, C.

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