Possible Benefits of Early Mobilization After Acute Stroke

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Subject Area:Nursing

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Cochcrane Database of Systematic Reviews. (http://www. cochranelibrary. com/cochrane-database-of-systematic-reviews/) The database offers “resources for systematic reviews in healthcare”. It offers a vast array of publications on various healthcare fields and served to offer a basis, primarily for external evidence towards the PICOT question. com/evidencebasedpracticenetwork/home) Evidence Based Practice Network was also reviewed for the study. The database is wide and offers numerous credible publications of the topic. It has a search functionality that can be fine tuned to requirements in the advanced search section. The database is specifically managed by those in the nursing profession; which aligns its credibility for the study. The material presented is peer reviewed and is diverse. uk/) This database is specifically designed for evidence searching, as is advertised on their homepage.

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