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The physical violence and psychological torture they had to go through. The life Anna and her children had to go through for having a drunken person as both husband and father for the children. There first born Mazie had to grow up in such environment of violence and that made her develop injustice towards people. Though at some point, she was also a victim when McEvoy wanted to sacrifice her. The social problems addressed by the author were in particular causes and effects of poverty and education. The frustration that comes with poverty can cause violent towards one another. They can be more violent towards their family to seek comfort. Poverty experienced by Jim makes him to be violent in the novel this is because he is so frustrated by the unskilled jobs he is doing.

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The jobs do not pay him well to sustain his wife and children. He turns out to be a more violent person though he used to be a loving husband. This is despite the fact that he used to love his wife at the beginning. Poverty crumbles the ability of parents to nurture and supports their family. Out of frustration, parent beat their children. Though Anna is concerned about her children, she beats them due to the frustration and the fact that she is not able to protect them from the stresses that life comes with. She is frustrated by the fact that she is not able to give her children education they deserve and the kind of life they are living in given the fact that her husband also drinks alcohol.

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This can cause illness in children since children are very delicate are need well-maintained health. The economic status of Anna does not allow her to keep the cleanliness after her miscarriage. She is not happy with the germs and diseases after her illness, and the only thing she can do is to clean them all up. She tries her best to make both the house and her children clean to prevent the occurrence of further illness, but all cannot happen since she is not financially stable. Her husband cannot even help her to maintain the Cleanliness she wants in her house. For instance, In the novel even though Ginella and Maize desire to have exotic luxuries, they cannot afford it due to their economic status.

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This is because the work they are doing cannot maintain the luxuries they require and their desire are just dreams which are not close to its achievement. Jim’s determination to obtain things for his family such as electric lights, sewing machine and cod- liver oil seems to be impossible. This makes Jim see himself as good for nothing since he cannot be a good father for his children or good husband for his wife. Oppression is rampant especially when one is poor. This will, in turn, make the children not to have the quality education that they need and the chain of poverty will be transferred to children due to their lack of education. In Yonnondio, the pregnancy of Anna seems like a joke.

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