Problems Facing Students in Higher Education Institutions

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Research studies have been carried out with an aim of understanding the causes of stress among students and the outcomes of the problem, the conclusion reached upon is that the topic require more attention in order to mitigate lasting solutions. This paper aims at discussing and finding appropriate solutions to three of the major problems that students face currently at their respective universities, overcrowded lecture halls and work overload Overcrowded lecture rooms Students and their teachers are expected to be in an environment whereby they are in close proximity. These two important aspects of a learning environment are under a process umbrella of teaching and learning (Staff Writer np). The school needs to have facilities that ample for education and as such school building and development is of utmost important.

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In these education facilities there expectations of future leaders and patriotic people who have an understanding of their culture, traditions, expected societal values and ideas that help in nation building. Most of these equipment and technologies are in minimal supply and as such, when a classroom is overcrowded, there are those who do not get to access them. These and other issues that are associated with overcrowded rooms negatively impact the performance of students and in general affects the institution as well. However, the problem of having an overcrowded classroom can be resolved. There are some assumptions that the issue of overcrowding affects only the lower level institutions with large numbers of children buzzing within the institution in search of an education.

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However, this assumption should not be leveled only on students from these lower levels, but also in higher education institutions. The noise that emanates from such a room builds up stress, also becoming an issue that affects the health of the student. Therefore, when the overcrowding is resolved, less stressful moments will be avoided and students can build up positive emotions in a healthy environment. Work Overload Students just like other human beings are prone to tire, therefore, when overloaded with work at the various institution they are bound to get tired Most of the times students find themselves studying and completing homework late into the night, which deprives them of enough rest leading to exhaustion. An exhausted student will not be able to fully engage in the classroom, therefore, affecting their grades.

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The most important aspect of a student’s life in school is their grades; therefore, when they are affected they get in depressive situations. It is advisable that a person takes what they can be able to manage, for example 15 units can be manageable and accommodate some time for the other activities. These problems that face higher education in their various institutions have caused a lot of complications to their health. For instance, having a lot of homework to deal will lead to students lacking enough sleep, losing weight and failing in their exams. These effects of having to deal with work overload, causes students to be compelled to dealing with stress. Stress becomes a big complication because it will affect not only the education of the student, but also their emotions and health.

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