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He has an expansive global experience in his field that culminated from working in countries such as Sweden, Germany and Italy. He has fond memories of enjoying ‘fika’ as a visiting professor at University of Lund. He also got to explore the European culture as a visiting physical chemistry and chemistry professor at the University of Florence and University of Wurzburg respectively. He has also garnered experience and respect from his peers in a number of educational institutions in the States and has extended this to parts of the world such as Switzerland and Germany. From the mid-seventies up until 1987, he worked in various capacities and positions that served to grow him both as an individual and in his field of expertise.

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His impact has been greatly felt not only in the department of chemistry and physics but the university as a whole. Apart from an active member in professional societies, Professor Michael Brown is an associate editor of the Biophysical journal and this position has enabled him to review 20 to 30 scientific papers annually. He also serves in several boards and programs at various capacities such as study section member at the United States public health service board. He is also enrolled with various societies that include the American physical society, biophysical society and Association for the Advancement of science among many others. At the University of Arizona, he is currently involved in heavy research that seeks to contribute knowledge molecular spectroscopy. Professor Brown is has been a proud and loyal wildcat due to the great opportunities the University of Arizona has availed him to not only impact lives of many students, but also contribute knowledge in the field of science and grow in his career.

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