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Most of the psychological diseases are brain related, and they affect the mental composition of the victim. It is usually an issue which affects the person in the society through developing a well-developed mental analysis of what they are going through and hence provide the best analysis for the many mental issues which affects them. The psychological treatment plan is aimed at dealing with these defects that may have adverse effects on the brains or the psychological well-being of the individuals in the society. Some of the most severe psychological defects include stress, self-esteem issues, social anxiety, phobias on different things that affect the society and also the intimate relationship conflicts which can have critical impacts in the lives of the people in the society.

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The study aims to analyze some of the major psychological diseases and how they affect the brain composition of various individuals in the society. Inquiring his story provided a history of a man who has known violence since he was a young child. He grew up in the poor suburbs of town and here life was unbreakable. His father was a drunkard who drank alcohol on a daily basis. Another issue that also contributed to his state was the fact that his father was very violent. He could always beat his mother right in front of him and sometimes even undresses her in front of the patient. He also lacks friends as he is a loner and who spent most of his time alone.

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His social life is also in disarray, and he lacks some basic characteristics that are common things that are associated with his life (Pilgrim, 2015). The cognitive system that affects the patient is largely associated with how his life is and how he perceives some of the things that affect him in his life. One of the things that show a cognitive problem which is affecting the patient is lack of self-esteem. Self-esteem issues are largely a brain issue which affects the brain development of the persons. The analyzation of the historical view on the patient's illness will help in determining the first patch on how the disease can be controlled. In this case, the psychological perspective is developed from checking the issue that is affecting the people in the society (Hisenroth, 2016).

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Establishing the cause is the first step towards developing the healing process for the man. This procedure is expected to take four months. During this time, the patient will have developed a well and coherent way that he will apply in dealing with the manor health problems affecting the patient. The self-worth theory acknowledges that self-respect is a fundamental method that can be used to achieve the desired look. The theory depicts that everyone has his way of doing things though motivation is the basis that can be used to change and impart the self-esteem issues on the patient. The theory of self-actualization can also play a great role in changing the perception of the patient at this stage. It is used to advise people on self-actualization in realizing their dreams by developing a coherent plan of dealing with self-esteem issues.

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This theory also serves the same purpose as the self-esteem which addresses all the problems related to self-esteem and how various people in the society can apply the same to achieve their self-esteem issues. He has less self-esteem as he keeps blaming himself for being born to a poor and violet family. His other issue is that he blames himself for not doing anything when his mother was beaten. He blames everything in his life, and he feels that his life is still in disarray and this is mostly associated with his past. Therefore, in the evaluation of the help that this patient requires it needs a clear understanding of his past to ascertain the extent of the damage caused and this will help him in getting the best analysis of the health problems that affect him.

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