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It is such a common position that companies have as a priority among other positions. This report seeks to understand different specifications of the job; public relations are giving detailed information on the job expectations, position impact and also skill development. Job Expectations Working as a public relation is a great opportunity for exposure are gaining experience in the public sector. The expectations of working as a Public Relations (PR) officer are great because it is in line with my professionalism1. As a PR, it is my due responsibility to lay down appropriate channels through which company executives can easily understand the operations of an organization. This is a great channel for growth and will give light to the appropriateness of the Company in completing various components.

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It will enable the organization to become effective in creating promotional activities for the public and trying as much as possible to help ineffectiveness of the operations of the organization. The PR will organize the events and make sure that more people of the public get the benefits from such promotions. However, the expectations of a PR representative can never be complete without the due considerations of the written and producing presentations for the media houses. Whenever a PR attends a conference or an exhibition, it is his or her duty to write down important frameworks that will help advance the processes of the company. They are reputed for undertaking several structural components that have effectively been considered over the past.

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The position of PR has positive impacts on the processes undertaken in the society a great deal. There are different considerations that PR include in the process of their operations which have been embraced positively by the proponents of the society. PR is about sending the right message to the right people to be able to build the brand reputation. The position of a PR increases brand credibility through the trust that people develop with the clients they work with. There is always a key concern to design the most appropriate training platform that will provide an effective approach through which different undertaking will be facilitated. There are other key channels through which issues will be undertaken to make sure that the best possible approaches have been facilitated in due course8.

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The first skills that the PR needs to develop are communication. Because communication plays a major role in ensuring the effectiveness of the activities has been sustained, there should be a channel through which the skills should be established. Strengthening communication channels is a great way through which communication skills can be enhanced. There should be a concrete implementation that enables the organization to address the different issues of the company through the PR department and bring to light alternative solutions to the problems raised. Works Cited Dozier, David M. , Larissa A. Grunig, and James E. Grunig. "Global public relations: A cross-cultural study of the excellence theory in South Korea. " Journal of public relations research 14, no. Sriramesh, Krishnamurthy, and Dejan Vercic, eds.

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