Race and Justice

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Subject Area:Criminology

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Police brutality on the African American Community became intense in the year 1963. The abuse of power by the police and oppression of the blacks in the US has been for centuries. African American constitutes a very high percentage of police brutality and police killings. African Americans are likely to be killed by the police three times as compared to the whites by use of excessive force. Racial disparity between the whites and the blacks creates an atmosphere which contributes to police killing the blacks. In the year 2012 in New York, Shereese Francis had gone off her medication since she was mentally ill and died because of struggling with the police officers who were trying of handcuff. She was unarmed and she died of suffocation (Nodjimbadem K, 2017).

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In the year 2013 in Minneapolis, Jamar Clark was shot in the head while the police officers were trying to arrest him claiming that Clark was struggling for police officers gun. In 2014, Michael Brown, a teenager was shot severally by police officers because of theft. He had stolen cigarillos from a store. White supremacy also contributes to protection against the police using excessive force. Tweets, Facebook posts, and live streaming events show police brutality beyond limits on the black community. African Americans are arrested at a higher rate and they make up the largest population in the American prisons. They are arrested for drug tracking though they might not be selling the drugs or even selling them. Widespread racial inequality across the American criminal justice causes the police to use excessive force on the black people.

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