Racial prejudice in march book one & two

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It comes up multiple times throughout the trilogy. The theme of racial prejudice becomes more apparent in the book when it motivates the characters and their action. In book one and two, the story covers the life of Lewis and the standpoint on the civil rights movement and the pervasiveness of racial inequality and racism in America. The theme of racial prejudice appears multiple times to emphasize on the difficulties experienced by African Americans. Many Blacks felt the cruelty of the White Americans which in most cases went unnoticed by the American justice system. For example in Book Two, Lewis’s flashback during President Obama’s inauguration is reflection of how African Americans suffered in the 1960’s. Lewis recalls how he engaged in a nonviolent protect against ill treatment of Black, something that was met with rage and a violent backlash from the White Americans (Lewis, Aydin, and Powell 11).

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