Rationalization And Factorization Quiz

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a6b-7)/ (12a-2b-3) Solution Since both denominator and numerator consist of numbers with same exponents, we subtract the exponents 1/3a8b-4 We need to write the final answer in positive exponents only = a8/3b4 Quiz 2 Multiply and simplify the expression by combining like terms. x)(4+8x-2x2) Solution We first open the bracket by multiplying the terms in first bracket with terms in second bracket 6(4+8x-2x2) +x(4+8x-2x2) 24+48x-12x2+4x+8x2-2x3 Collect the like terms 24+52x-4x2-2x3 Quiz 3 Factor the following. x2+5x+24 Solution We find the two factors whereby if we multiply we get -864 and if we add we get +5 Sum=5 Product=-864 Factors= (32,-27) Therefore -36x2+32x-27x+24 Simplify this equation -4x (9x-8)-3(9x-8) Since the terms in first bracket is the same as terms in second bracket, we pick one Therefore the final factors are; (-4x-3)(9x-8) Quiz 4 Solve the following for x.

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x2-7=0 Solution We can apply the quadratic formula to solve the above problem Where a=3,b=0,c=-7 Substitute the above values into quadratic formula X= [0√(0+84)]/6 X=√84/6 or -√84/6 Therefore, X=√84/6 Conclusion In this section, we conclude that algebra has been divided into several topics including surds among others. These topics has several associated means of solving it ranging from factorization to use of quadratic formulas, (Sierpinska,Dreyfus& Hillel,1999). Simplification of radical expressions. In Proceedings of the third ACM symposium on Symbolic and algebraic computation(pp. ACM. Sierpinska, A. Dreyfus, T.

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