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The company’s seeks to meet and deliver on the pledge of ecofriendly and sustainable tourism and travel. Nature conservation and reinstatement will be the principle behind every trip. We seek to dedicate a portion of the company’s returns to causes that support the environment. The first year’s operations will comprise partnering with a number of service providers as well as offering clients tailored trips via our associates. The second years will commencement of the core activity with employing expert guides and providing tailored tours of different themes and lengths. According to statistics, most adventure tourists employ the internet in their tour researches, Facebook being the most favored social media platform. Targeted and tailored advertising via advertisements and search engine optimization (SEO) posted on social media will be fundamental in the early phase of the startup.

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Business profile The name of the company is RAW-Adventure. It will operate day-to-day tours and rentals in Singapore, as well as multiday kayaking and cable skiing tours among others through the Mandai Mangrove. This is an adventure tour and travel firm that will specialize on mountain bike touring and with time include other added recreational opportunities. Part of the company’s operating income will be dedicated towards good causes that support environmental improvement and sustainable growth. Our objective is to become a zero waste and climate neutral company. Mission Statement RAW-Adventure Tour & Travel Company’s mission is to meet and deliver on the pledge of ecofriendly and sustainable travel. The company will not compromise its role as nature’s wardens for profits.

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We believe that our clients will appreciate our resolution, and thus assist us realize our common objective. Acquiring essential tools at this stage to attend to a small group is crucial. Our expert guides will be skilled outdoor enthusiasts, and they will teach and emphasize the fundamental survival skills in addition to advanced skills meant for use in the wild. The company will only use third-party service providers in certain areas, including when they is dire need for special accommodation and/or transportation that we cannot provide. At the core of the company’s activities will be the tours with expert guides. To flavor the tours, we will provide exciting sport activities and adventure by partnering with different extreme sport and adventure service providers.

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The UNWTO Tourism Highlights 2014, in fact, states that with increasing disposable income levels, numerous emerging markets have displayed fast growth in recent years, particularly in Asia, he Middle East, Africa, and Central and Eastern Europe markets. Additionally, the report states that the highest spenders while on holiday are Chinese tourists. ATTA and George Washington University 2013 Adventure tourism market research stated that 10 days was the average trip length, comprising adventure activity. The adventure vacationers’ expenditure (without gear and flights) for both soft and hard adventurers has risen annually to nearly 20% between 2009 and 2010 across the globe. This increase in spending could be attributed to recuperation from economic meltdown, leaving tourists with increased disposable revenue to use on the travel, gear, and activities. With growth in business, RAW-Adventure Tour & Travel Company might deliver newly priced products and services.

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Several high, medium and low priced, and full- to self-supported adventures would enable changing rates without altering guest outlook. To start: • The cable skiing, kayaking, scuba diving, and Zorbing (Sharma, 2018) among others will be priced from medium to low to encourage increased attendance. • Given the nature of local demographics/tourists, local and rentals tours will have average pricing, but lower compared to other firms offering similar services. • The company will offer superior adventure equipment and thus the pricing is expected to be medium to high, but there also will be low priced sales on second hand equipment. All the company’s employee will be allowed to contribute towards the day-to-day business running. The goal behind employee participation is to encourage an open atmosphere in the company where all are welcomed to contribute consistent with one’s passion, abilities, and skills.

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The theory behind this sort of open participatory setting is to encourages new innovative idea generations and it will create a clear separation between us and other players. Financial calculations The financial calculations will indicate the required total financing in the commencement phase, cash flow, balance sheet, and profit and loss account for the initial three operation years. As every other future projection, the calculations act as a rough estimation to offer an outlook. Practically, we would desire a credit line of similar value to the required sum to finance the remaining portion. This way we would make a sensible, conservative provision. Income Statement We anticipate a $34,901 after-tax profit for the initial year of operation. This is prior to owner’s drawings, of which any made will be hinged on a better performance than expected.

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