Reflection on Data Collecting on Social Media Use

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Social media platforms have continuously evolved to create ways of interaction that businesses have taken advantage of due to the level of coverage that takes on a significant audience for their product. The cost of advertising using social media is cheap compared to conventional methods that organizations were accustomed to through mainstream media. The paper will reflect on the impact of social media and the transformation it initiates regarding the social interaction. Social media has brought significant gains in communication on one end but equally blamed for damaging effects of the traditional interaction model together with the wastage of time that comes with social media. The understanding of how the psychological behaviors of an individual are determined by their dependence on social media comes in handy in understanding the effect on student learning progression.

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5 hours 2. 5 hours 1. 5 hours 0. 5 hours Facebook 2. 5 hour 2 hours 1. Consequently, I might spend 2 hours on Instagram in the morning and the other 2 hours in the evening. Moreover, for these 2 hours, I might open the Instagram App for a couple times and enjoy the experience of sharing videos and the pictures. Table A indicated the finding that indeed I am addicted to social media and the amount of time spent on the different platform. Table B indicates how the different days I was engaged on social media to present the specific activity at each social media platform. I was often attracted to social media for purposes of reading different people’s posts but did not often undertake the activity of posting most things about me.

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The activities that entail the exchange of ideas and experiences among students via social media has made learning exciting and easy as one can meet people from different parts of the world within their comfort zones. Moreover, most students are not financially endowed as social media came in with a cheaper option to interact and learn through a less costly venture since the prices of electronic gadgets that facilitate social media conversations are priced at pocket-friendly rates. Social media has significantly impacted the educational standards of students in most institutions as class discussions can be done online through different platforms and the teacher can communicate to the class without necessarily having to meet them physically. Relevant topics that affect students ranging from hot debates are done effectively through social media via Twitter, Facebook, and WhatsApp among other channels online.

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The discussions are done in moderation no matter how controversial they may be, and such activities build the students ability to foster tolerance and resilience in the debates. It is significant to acknowledge the need to undertake a self-control mechanism that will make me schedule certain timelines that I would go to social media for an update on the happenings. I am concerned about the time spent especially on weekends and that is why I set up two hours in every weekend to access the social media platforms. I will commit to the discipline of abiding by the assigned timelines to provide a significant input on how I spent time so as to limit the over addiction on social media. The change of usage patterns will be tracked through the records I will keep in my diary to evaluate the efforts and benefit that come from the initiatives.

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