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The article seeks to assess to the consumption sacrifice that people are willing to make while selecting the types of neighborhood that they should live with their families based on tastes, preferences, convenience and the quality of life offered in the various area that influence a person’s willingness to pay to live in the suburbs versus dense areas. The article is credible in that it is a peer-reviewed journal that was published in 2011 but revised four years later to ensure that the article was credible. The article will be important in proving my thesis in that it will be used to explain why people still choose to live in Santa Cruz despite the conditions that are unfavorable to them, by looking at the convenience, preferences, tastes, and quality of life that people may be willing to sacrifice.

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Ambrose, Brent W. , Piet Eichholtz, and Thies Lindenthal. 15 July 2018. The article holds that Santa Cruz is one of the most unaffordable areas in the state. it talks of the average home prices there’s as being $800,000 to $900,000 ye the most commonly advertised job position are low wage jobs such as waiting tables. The article closes by asserting that some city policies that aim at reducing huge demand by curtailing job demand in the city may not work due to the fact that the job demand in neighboring communities would still continue. The article is a useful source and is important in comparison to the other bibliography in that it shows that some policies may not actually help in providing a solution to the problem.

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