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The problem is that many were deported back to their country of origin and others detained because of failure to present the required documents during the police patrol. On the contrary, among those who managed to prove that they are in the United States legally like Nina Chaubal, their hearings were conducted and offered visa to remain in the United States. However, the need of the transgender women to present their documents to the police focused on protecting them and also improving the safety of the entire immigrants. Introduction Immigration in United States is governed by a law and the immigration Act of1891. Nonetheless, the U. The law has remained even today, whereby in the case of an immigrant violating the immigration laws, one is deported back to his or her country.

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Because of the expiry of their citizenship, some transgender women were detained in places where the patrol guards were applying force against them as they tried to separate wives from their husbands (Passel and Lopez, 20). This was the case with Nina and Martela who were separated by the patrol guards once the wife, Chaubal was detained. Moreover, the transgender women immigrants are required to prove their administrative marriage for them to be allowed to remain in the country. That is why transgender women like Nina Chaubal were required to present to the immigration court with their marriage certificates during their deportation hearing. Immigration court hearings for the transgender women are also major problems because the immigration judges require those women to present their case and prove how they managed to enter in the United States.

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The majority of the LGBTQ bi-national couples face difficulties because of the adjustments in the immigration law, especially the one that affects the same-sex marriages after the inauguration of Trump (Gonzales, 1187). The changes made cases like that of Nina, which was clear to appear with problems and her immigration was almost terminated after a request from Judge Jarecki. The leadership of Trump in America is more hostile to the LGBTQ immigrants. This is because of the failure to investigate incidents that led to some people immigrating in the United States. visa, which allowed her to stay there. Nina went through a stressful situation similarly with many transgender women immigrants. The issue of being deported denied many transgender women immigrants the chance of remaining in the United States.

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Although Nina was lucky not to be deported and has the hope of the green card being approved for their permanent resident status, not all the transgender women immigrants had their hearings successful (Gonzales, 1187). Indeed, the issue of the majority of transgender women being undocumented made them to be denied their rights such as the freedom of expression even in the deportation hearings. The major question in the hearings was the issue of citizenship and marriage certificates of the transgender women. The case of Nina Chaubal who was one of the co-founders of the crisis hotline Trans Lifeline was effective because she managed to present her case in the court of law and was finally given the green card, which enabled her to remain in the United States with Martela.

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