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It is through stress for example that human beings react to danger where essential hormones such as adrenaline are produced to stimulate the body and help in getting out of a dangerous situation. When stressed the human body gets alert and functions like there is an attack (Mitterer, 2013). Therefore, it switches to then attacking mode to safeguard the individuals. It is at this moment that vital hormones such as adrenaline, norepinephrine, and cortisol get produced in preparation for possible physical action. For example, when ambushed by a fierce animal the body can create these home ones who make the body light and active to take off. Psychology is responsible for studying the ways of managing and different categories of stress in individuals.

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For instance, there are three significant categories of stress including acute, episodic and chronic. Acute involves the short-term event that causes stress and goes away within a while. The episodic are also minor forms of stress but ones that recur on a regular basis. The chronic stress is the one that lasts for more extended periods and which may affect individuals' health (Arnold, 2011). At times, stress in a time of competition results in the development of morale and pressure which forces them to complete specific tasks. However, the distress is the wrong form of stress which is known as eustress. For instance, while going for a hundred meters spring, most athletes have to overcome the stress that brings tension during the hour of competition (Hargrove, 2013).

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Fears about one's health are paramount and result in stressful moments. For instance, diagnosis with types of diseases such as cancer, heart problems or where a close friend or relative has a particular condition one is more likely to experience stress (Mitterer, 2013). They include restlessness, anger, and sadness, lack of motivation, anxiety, and feeling overwhelmed. Other critical results are seen through the behavior of an individual. These are seen when a person becomes socially withdrawn, starts using alcohol and other drugs, under eating or overeating, angry outburst and becoming less active (Hargrove, 2013). Effects of stress can be mild or chronic depending on the exposure and the type. However, it is essential for individuals to realize when the stress starts building up to ensure strategic measures of control are put in place.

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This ensures that a person makes food that can help control blood pressure and sugars and fats. Alcoholism and drug abuse should be avoided in this case. Time management is also vital for controlling of work-related stress. This should involve working using a well-developed timetable and also by taking breaks in between working hours. This helps relieve the body pressure and renew employees' energy. Nonetheless, when chronic types of stress occur it is essential to manage them through proper nutrition, exercise, getting enough sleep, working a flexible schedule and seeking medical attention where necessary. References Hargrove, Nelson, Cooper, (2013). "Generating eustress by challenging employees: Helping people savor their work. " Organizational Dynamics. Vol. : Elsevier Mitterer, Dennis (2013). Introduction to Psychology. Jon-David Hague. pp. 446–447 Folkman, (2013).

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