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In the case of Dr. Ron's article, logic, empathy and authority or credibility have to use if the author is to convene the audience that indeed human beings need to be healthy and the drugs have to be verified through animal testing (Ilchenko, 64). He also applied the Rogerian model to smoothly drive the reader through the introduction, the opposing views, the context of opposition views, his own views and the need for the public to accept animal testing. This essay explores the doctor's application of the logical triad for effectiveness and purpose and the Rogerian model of argumentation, pointing out the weakness in the article if any. In addressing his audience and conveying his concerns about the restriction for animal testing and research, Roy Clime applies the rhetoric triangle throughout the article.

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He uses these facts to appeal to the reader, seeing the necessity of the research. On pathos, the author seeks to stamp empathy in their audience (Maschi, 83-96). Ron effectively arouses the empathy of the reader, their emotions of sadness towards anti-animal tests and thus draws their attention to his argument that animal research is necessary for a healthy nation. First, there is the appeal by Ron for the reader to consider a doctor who has seen children die with their parents watching helplessly. Such a parent would do everything in their capacity to rescue the dying child. This shows he is writing from a medical point of view, hence, further credibility. In terms of organizing his argument, the doctor employs the Rogerian model of argumentation.

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The Rogerian argumentative model calls for the author to start by introducing themselves and their point, shifting quickly to opposing views and then establishing the credibility or application of those opposing views. The author then lays a point of understanding, stating why and where the opposing views may hold water, then states their point and the context of what they are arguing out and why it should hold water. Finally, the presenter establishes the expected benefits from adhering to their opinions. All people want to have good health and most of the drugs, vaccines and antibiotics that have been developed for human beings to ensure good health are developed through the animal testing scientific research. The effects and the effectiveness of a drug that is being tested, including matters pharmacogenomics, has to be verified before the drug can be used for human treatment.

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This is because drugs are basically external chemical agents being introduced into a body to alter a deviating tendency to illness. As such, they have to be tested for side effects, for symptoms and signs of recovery, dietary issues and other prescription details so that doctors don't end up testing drugs on human beings. Ron's use of the Rogerian model is very effective for several factors about the issue of animal testing. It is not referenced and therefore the reader cannot ascertain some of the statements except they believe in the doctor. This may reduce the conviction it has on the reader. In conclusion, the article by Dr. Ron effectively handles the subject of animal research, leaving the reader well informed about the need and the benefits of animal research.

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