Risk Assessment and Security Survey in Hospital

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Moreover, such overpopulated premises are the targets for the terrorists. Therefore, the author of this report has identified some of the threats, which the patients often experience when they are admitted into the hospital for treatment. These risks include; active shooting, motor vehicle robbery, thefts, hacking, power blackout, violence, hate and racism, sexual harassment, break-ins into the hospital premises and wards. Therefore, this paper would survey the surety threats in the hospitals and assess the risks, which are associated with such threats. Fire outbreak (Arson) Most of the hospitals are at risks of experiencing arson or fire outbreak especially due to the effects caused by problems of electricity connection. Theft cases are very consequential because apart from the loss of property and finance, such threats create a negative image about the hospital.

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These inventories are expensive, therefore, hospitals incur a lot of dollars to purchase and manage them. Due to such expenditure, it would be essential to assess the risks associated with such threats. Break-ins in the campus Many people come to the hospital every day for treatment, business purposes or to visit their friends and relatives admitted due to various infections. Even though the management of the hospital employs security guards at the gate, strangers could successfully pass through the gate without being noticed. In some cases, they murder along the street, especially at night. These cases portray a negative image of the hospital if they occur, which discourages other patients from visiting such hospitals for treatment. Similarly, parents would not allow their friends and relatives to be admitted to such hospitals, which are vulnerable to robbery and several murdering cases.

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Direct Shooting Hospitals have become the target for various terrorist groups (Hassan, Bibon, Hossain, & Atiquzzaman, 2018, p. Some of these terrorists often use active shooting both during the day and at night. Sexual harassment leads to the outbreak of sexually transmitted infections, early pregnancy, deaths and creating a negative impression of the hospital. However, assaults especially sexual harassments are not prevalent in this institution since the administration of the hospital has improved security status around the hospital plus heavy fines imposed on those who have violated such laws. System Hacking Hospitals often experience the challenge of hacking the system. For example, some people would hack the system to change the amount of money, which they are expected to pay while others including the working staffs would hack the systems of the business premises within the hospital (Morris & Persi Paoli, 2018, p.

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However, this problem is relatively low within the institution since the IT staff comprises of competent experts with vast knowledge about Information Technology. Impact Frequency. The author also used the Risk assessment grid shown below The author provided this security survey according to the procedures of risks assessment. The survey consists of an analysis of losses and criminal offenses associated with the threats in the hospital. The author carried out through interviews and the report written to the management board of the findings. The assessment was done based on the data shown below having collected the information from the security department. However, the hospital needs to improve certain areas where it faces various challenges. Some of the internal workplaces have an open concept and they do not possess controlled entries.

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Even though the hospital comprises of many employees with doors that can be locked, threats due to theft cannot be completely diminished. Moreover, the security cameras are not adequate to reduce the threats due to theft. Therefore, the employees should have effective ways of maintaining privacy based on the Hospital’s legal counsel. Active shooting Direct shooting though rarely happen, their effects are very detrimental based on the information collected the hospital security department. Most of the threats were experienced in the cities around the hospital more than in the hospital. The hospital management board should use the guidelines provided by the Department of Homeland Security to reduce active shooting in the school. Despite the fact that this health care institution has put in place various strategies to counteract the cause of the direct shooting, the hospital has been performing poorly in the previous years.

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Therefore, the hospital management should offer more training on drills at a certain interval to build a reliable staff. Therefore, the hospital should use the reporting mechanism to carry out an investigation on those who attempt to hack the hospital’s system. The college could also use the anti-virus software updated on the computers of the workers to prevent hacking of the system. Power Blackout Even though power failure is not a criminal offense, power blackout is detrimental because it accelerates the occurrence of other security threats in the hospital. The management team in the hospital has been responsive through the use of generators and maintaining the healthcare facilities and such initiatives have helped to reduce the effects of a power blackout.

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