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Risk Assessment Methodology For large companies like Mattel, there is need to manage network risks. The digital assets of an organization such as information stored in servers (both external and internal), or in public cloud services and digital info in transit (Rhodes-Ousley, 2013). As technology advances, new ways of connecting with people, things, or places are created and following closely behind, are cybercriminals. These criminals develop new and extremely sophisticated ways of accessing sensitive information using the wide range of access points that the company makes available to legitimate users. Mattel has applications that are accessible through the internet and this means that its databases are at risk. Therefore, when using the website, users must respect Mattel’s intellectual rights. Customers can purchase the products and services offered by Mattel online.

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In addition to the website, the company has apps for mobile devices. A perfect example is Barbie Life™. Mattel Inc. It decided to at times back off on cost reductions to cut corners on safety and quality and avoid creating incentives for the suppliers. Also, it is important for companies to monitor processes at their key suppliers, especially those affecting safety and health issues. Due to the globalization of company’s operations, it is also important to have traceability capabilities in all supply chains. Conclusion In conclusion, risk assessment is important in companies as it helps in identifying hazards at the workplace and implementing risk control measures that are effective before accidents occur. This will enable companies to mitigate any potential risks before they affect its operations and overall organizational productivity.

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