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And as the adage goes, he that more is given, more is expected. I believe that with my training and work experience I was privileged to have the opportunity to prepare this proposal for review subject to investigations on the challenges facing Roanoke, Virginia branch of our organization. Academically, I have a doctorate in systems analysis, a master’s degree in business administration as well as a bachelor’s degree in human resource management. Having been in the field for some period now, I have managed to attach more skills to my qualifications. I have five years in information technology (IT) development, six years in developing inventory tracking programmes as well as four and a half years developing telephony projects for two hundred and forty-five users before I joined Phoenix advertising as the vice president of the human resources of human resources management.

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Due to the vitality of the branch to the overall organizational success of Phoenix advertising, there was great concern from our chief executive Mr. Gregory S. Forest saw it fit to analyze the cause of the problem. Within the stated period, designers and copywriters gave notices to quit if the situation was not changed. Also, the creative team displayed morale and output due to the arbitrary rejection of their work. From the questionnaires given to the disgruntled employees, 100% of the respondents intimated that increased workloads from the marketing team were creating constraints in production of quality work. Also, the art ¾ of the art directors agreed to the arbitrary rejection of projects however due to hurried manner in which they were done.

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The most crucial technique that led to this conclusion is the observation phase of the investigation process. During observation, about 80% of the employees were absent more times during the month than all the other months they had worked at the institution. For those employees present, about one-quarter of the population showed enthusiasm in carrying out their duties. To mitigate the effect of this measure on employee performance, there needs to be put in place a committee to whom reports for rejected employees will be handed. A sitting allowance would be advisable to compensate the committee. With this, all employees will be given the opportunity to appeal or re-do projects under contention. Revised remuneration. Another key challenge that affected employee morale is that remuneration at specifically that applied to Roanoke branch.

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No new hiring is required. However, there needs some three months training on the separated team to equip them with the necessary skills to handle the tasks. Team building activities. From statistics, some of the employees registered low morale due to boredom and constant routine work. As a result, this proposal suggests two compulsory work sponsored retreats for all branches including the Roanoke, Virginia branch. Phoenix overall human relations manager Semi-annually Training. Branch CEOs One year Staffing The staffing requirement dictates that any employee liable for training will have to undergo the training before they can embark on their assigned roles within the new framework. Therefore, short-term measures that will not be affected by training will be given priority. Since all the requirements will be done internally, no advanced requirements will be required.

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