Role of letters in pride and prejudice

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However, the time has changed, and various new developments in the use of letters have evolved. The method of letters is seen in the novel Pride and Prejudice written by Jane Austen. This study aims to analyze various ways through which letters are used in the novel Pride and Prejudice. One of the critical roles that can be recreated from the letters in the novel by Jane Austen is that letters act as a source of more information about some significant characters in the novel. The use of letters helps in providing a more deeper understanding of some significant figures in the novel. Wickham changed the whole relationship of the siblings. Jane uses the letter to explain to her sister how she felt and the dissatisfaction she experienced after her sister eloped with Mr.

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Wickham. In the message Jane writers, “be assured we are all well, but what I have to say about poor Lydia,”. (Jane 35). This shows that the Bingleys did not in any way cared about their friends, the Bennets that they had lived with for some time together. The letter portrays the Bingleys as self-centered people who cannot be trusted to keep friendships. There is also the letter written by Jane in London to her friend Lizzy. Lizzy is a friend to Jane, and she resides in Longbourne. The contents of the letter revealed that Jane was unhappy after her longtime friends, the Bingley’s went to reside in London. Caroline Bingley for instance, invited Jane to her farm in Netherfield to befriend her.

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