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My successful tackle will involve a shoulder strike placing the shoulder tip at a position that enables me to strike. The attacker may squeeze and attack while at the same time minimizing any movement. Stable foot placement and leg drive is essential in initiating my squeeze and hit drive by the attacker to the ball. My successful application of the technique is critical in playing a winning game with minimal casualties both from my side and the opponent. The chopping technique is essential while stopping or when attacking a player who is at risk of losing possession. The SWOT analysis method will help in determining the team’s strengths, weaknesses, opportunities, and Threats of the team in addition to some of the internal and external factors that may determine success during a tournament.

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SWOT Analysis Strength • Out of the three tries made for the team I made two of them • I made two conversions out of the four that the team made • I had no drop goal • Made two assist that all ended up in our team scoring Weaknesses • Made a misplaced tackle that hurt my team mate • Missed three scoring opportunities that could have our team far ahead in term of points • Missed two tackled and enabled the other team to score • Made a misplaced front pass that made the other team to win the ball and score Opportunities I have a chance to establish relevant skills and techniques necessary for a good game. The tournament is an excellent chance to increase recruitment from a large number of students interested in joining the team.

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Threats • Low external financial support • Local competition from nearby learning institutions Performance profile Tries 2/3 Conversions 2/4 Penalties 1/2 Drop goals - 0/1 Yellow cards - 1 Red cards - 0 Speed - 3/6 Dribbling - 4/6 Positioning - 3/6 Motivation - 4/6 Short passing - 3/6 Concentration - 4/6 Awareness - 4/6 Determination - 4/6 Finishing - 4/6 Vision-3/6 Weaker foot- 2/6 Acceleration-3/6 Passing - 3/6 Confidence - 4/6 Work rate - 3/6 First touch - 4/6 Finding and Results I am well-endowed with stamina and capabilities to go beyond my current performance level. However, some of my weaknesses are set to work against my strengths if not analyzed and improved on especially on funding and improving on financial abilities. Objective Performance Data Attack: I have muscular coordination to break the defense of an opponent. Some of the strategies I employ include ball and all tackle ability, and the chopping technique that enabled me to outplace the opponents playing skills.

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At the same time, I perfected on the body positioning that gave them due to the advantage of ball possession through the game. Defense: I had had an active and direct technique of slowing down the defense mechanism of the opponent by employing a variety of skills that especially included domination and attack. They ranked better at outpacing the opponent within and away from their goal posts. With focus and reliance on the above positive points, my team is set to dominate in the upcoming games with ease as it focuses its objective of maintaining a winning formula in all its games. The technical bench and training personnel will need to focus on keep a high level of disciple among the players as it has a significant influence on the players’ general performance.

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Report The skills employed during the game were basically aimed at outplacing the opponents and giving my team the advantage of ball possession. These skills include the chopping and body positioning techniques. The team was better behaved than the opponents since they made fewer errors and which made it possible for them to score higher and emerge victorious. Another strength is that the members are skilled thus giving the team a major advantage. Due to the poor strategic planning that is evident in the team, it is plausible that a new director with enough expertise in management of rugby teams be hired. To enhance support from substitute players, the coach should consider hiring new players with relevant skills. This will help the major players in the team not to tire.

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