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Waverly compares chess and the life situation where she sees it through the description of the art of invisible strength. Not only that did Wavery applies these rules in life but also Waverly mother used these rules especially in the bite back of the tongue hence these enhanced the chance of Waverly in using this rules as a trial and error method particularly when she wanted the candies that were forbidden. Therefore invisible strength can be described as the human mind strength. The chess was not well understood by Waverly but instead, she enhanced the learning through dictionaries and the search from the library, hence the invisible strength is what is contained in her mind. Since Waverly mother taught her obedience, which is illustrated where Waverly does not ask for salted plums instead she holds back her tongue when she goes shopping with her mother.

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Since her mother is the leader and controller of the house of the house, Waverly knew that a simple trick of which her mother wasn’t aware of could be able to influence the others since her brothers listened to their mother. As the Jong family now lives in America and the fact that the immigration of people to another country influences the way of living and the some of the characters, it is definite that the Jong family has been able to preserve some of the Chinese customs which include the following: In Chinese elders are highly respected which is much emphasized by Jong’s family despite their stay in American. Humility is another factor which is very essential but Waverly’s mother describes the winning of the chess by Waverly as a show of lack of humility.

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There are those specific foods that are so special among the Chinese which include the rice and mysterious things that are contained in the soup, the jong’s family have been able to keep the custom through utilization of these food (Borhan et. al, 2016) Moreover the custom if highly maintained by staying in China town, the calculation of Waverly age by the use of Chinese calendar and the credence in magical lure. She wants her daughter to become the best in cheese game despite it being based in America. The only thing that she expects is that her daughter will keep the values of the Chinese, loyalty and the respect that. Waverly becomes so civilized in American ways of life and considers her mother ways of life as old and embarrassing.

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For her mother, she is disappointed to see her daughter the culture she deserves. Some of the norms that she is expected to keep are like accompanying Mrs. When Mrs. Jong sees her daughter with Waverly, she ends up misunderstanding has she thinks that her daughter is embarrassed being seen with her. On the other hand, the chess game can be used as a metaphor for life. The chess game is a metaphor for her struggle and rebellion against her mother that is the one she experiences while growing up. She also shows some forms of imagery when she breaks from her mother’s influence and sets herself free in a manner that no one guides her or tells her what she is supposed to do. This was a lesson that was well learned by Waverly that whatever she does have effects on another person.

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Work cited Borhan, Abbasali, and Alireza Anushiravani. Third-space encounters and unexpected forms of resistance in Amy Tan's The Joy Luck Club. International Letters of Social and Humanistic Sciences 69 (2016): 107-118. Fickle, Tara.

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