Search Engines Strengths and Weaknesses

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To add, they limit the amount of information to that which can be consulted. The commonly used search engines according to a ranking by eBitz are Google, Bing, Yahoo, Ask, Aol search, Wow, WebCrawler, MyWebsearch. Info space, and Info. com (Ratcliff, 2016). The search engines have their various strengths and weaknesses. Its primary advantage is that it provides a variety of search options including live search, videos, and images thus suitable for nursing. However, it has a disadvantage of not displaying widely related topics, hence not very ideal for nursing. The Yahoo has its main advantage being it has a mobile app one can download to their phone thus convenient since one can access several books and articles (“Open Nursing Journal”). As much as it has a shopping search with the different option, the shopping search is separated taking one away from the main search engine.

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