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I started by comparing myself with my elder brother who had acquired a degree with my family being very supportive. The interaction with my siblings has been cordial; this has made me a very social person. My parents did not compare us but always told us that we should take another person’s success as a challenge. My early childhood teacher really developed my self concept since she always encouraged the rest of the class to emulate my good behavior. Often this raised my self esteem and I started being more confident and I started viewing myself as an intelligent person since then to my adulthood now. I always believe in forgiveness of sins and more so engaging in activities which involve caring for others and strengthen myself worth based on what my culture has taught me, helping others is an important life feature.

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Self Esteem My self esteem is always high and I am not afraid of showing curiosity, talking about my experiences and ideas. I am confident and comfortable with my social assertiveness and enjoy making my own decisions. I love and respect any kind of relationship while am always positive about any kind of criticism with my aim always being to make a difference in other people’s lives. Social Traits Brent L. Steps to Increase Perceptual Accuracy In order to increase my perceptual accuracy I have always avoided coming into conclusion based on cognitive and experiential knowledge. I have often been mindful of any new or information that differs from what is the norm to us. I always keep my schema flexible and I do not communicate mindlessly.

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