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Devine providence from the excerpt means spiritual guidance which is divine in nature. Aversion is used by the author it means avoiding something because of hatred or disgust. Immortal palms imply leaves of a palm tree given as a prize or seen as a sign of victory or triumph and it is immortal in nature. Suffrage, as used in the text, is ‘archaic’ meaning a vote offered that favors a proposal or a specific individual. “A foolish consistency is the hobgoblin of little minds” is a quote used by the author to imply a great person think less consistently every single day. The excerpt establishes the best living is trying to understand the heavenly idea that the almighty God created (Frost 288).

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According to the excerpt, the best way to live is associating with friends who are the genius type and living with them in happiness and in calm. The excerpt thirdly raises a question on how people should live their lives. It brings out that people should live their lives by tolerating the betrayal of great men. The other way to live ones life is by declining to escape from a revolution (change). Self-reliance reliance according to the text can be portrayed by reading certain scholars Socrates and listening to the teachings of Jesus. It involves being familiar with revolutionists like Martin Luther King and Copernicus. The author supports the above claims by stating that the most important readings good for a person are history, science and similar subjects.

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