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Additionally, she utilizes the intellectual concerns of her days as a primary means of revealing her characters and spoofing fashion. In her novel, sense, and sensibility, she emphasizes on the sentimental and emotional understanding of human nature rather than the intellectual endowments. To many of us, love is a splendid feeling/ thing. Nevertheless, Austen tries to prove that it can also be troublesome. In sense and sensibility, we come across scenarios that depict the different dramatic facets of love from euphoric to life-threatening ones. Different kinds of love have been reflected in the novel, and the first one is the innocent love. This kind of love is one that can be termed as naïve and strikes a person when they are very young and eagerly waiting for an opportunity to explore the spheres of romance.

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The other kind of love tends to be more thoughtful and actively cautious. In this kind of love, there is usually a profound escalation of emotions and tends to happen to an individual in their older days. Both Elinor and Marianne embody these types of love especially Marianne who can experience both kinds of love a factor that can be attributed to the rude awakening when she was in the hands of Willoughby. According to Elinor, Marianne is not civilized since she does not abide by the code of sense. She emphasizes that her sister shamelessly expresses her feelings towards Willoughby instead of being discreet about it and is incapable of handling her relationship silently thereby portraying herself as not a well-bred young woman (Austen, 178).

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The love choices that Marianne makes is what contributes to her somewhat less romantic ending when she marries an older man. The love between Elinor and Edward is also faced with external threats. To start off, Mrs. In another scene, Marianne falls ill on their return trip from London. Surprisingly, Willoughby comes to see how she is doing and confesses that he did love Marianne but had to marry another woman because he was in need of money. In the context the novel, marriage is not entirely based on love. Love is rivaled by things such as wealth, social status and families. Engagements are decided on and planned by parents; individuals are not given chances to find love for themselves. The quality of love being patient is shown when Colonel Brandon takes his time to make Marianne fall in love with him.

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