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The murders performed may occur at intervals of time with a definite break in between the murders. Worldwide, serial killers can be decided upon with the number of murders they have committed, some may term one who has performed to murders as a serial killer while others even to a greater number of unknown incidents of murder. The people who rise out as serial killers cannot be termed as mentally retarded since you will find that most of them are of sound mind and more intelligent although some might also be found to have a low IQ level. The serial killing has been there since our ancestral times, ranging from very naïve and traditional methods of committing murder to the very sophisticated methods defined by technology in our current century. Serial killers are not born but made through their kind of upbringing from the time they were kids, at some point as most studies suggest you will find that people who came up as serial killers at some extent had a very harsh upbringing or even psychologically tortured when they were of a younger age. Additionally, children who were physically abused grew up with a lot of pain in them empathy being a long-forgotten word in their hearts though not all of them usually end up as serial killers. Note that not all serial killers are psychopaths as people often assume them to be but also there are some who are psychopathic with no character of remorse or emotions left in them.

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There have been different modes of serial killings witnessed over time, these differences come up due to the different methods of carrying out the act, level of personality disorder and strength of motivation. Most of the serial killers are sworn lifetime charming liars who can’t be ignored from their sense of fake innocence. In recent times serial killing has become more sophisticated with modernized forms and methods of carrying out the act hence leading to the success of many serial killers in their works and gaining attention from all over the world. Ted went to the University of Washington where he graduated with a degree in psychology in the year 1972 even though he cut his career loose after discovering who he really was. Ted at a younger age basically as a teenager had already started showing signs of a serial killer.

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While staying in Washington, due to being possessed with pornography he could go on peeping through open windows on unsuspecting women, at some point he was even convicted for theft but got released of the charge when he became of age with 18 years. Ted's quest to murder and torture started after being rejected by a young lovely woman he loved and who was at the time his girlfriend as stated by Michaud and Aynesworth (1999). Ted grew fond of preying on attractive women in college. As investigations went on, more fingers and pieces of evidence led back to Ted Bundy, during this time while some of his bodies were being uncovered, he moved to Utah being accepted in a law school there. While in Utah he went on with his usual routine of assaulting and killing young women.

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Whilst there reports similar to other killings from where he used to live came up, and a further investigation was made, eventually, in the year 1975 police ransacked his car finding masks, handcuffs and other dangerous tools in his car. The police put him into custody and with available accusation linked to him, he was convicted of kidnapping and assault. Ted was sent to prison where he managed to escape and immediately continued with his killings. This is to enlighten the society that they need to join hands in taking good care of their children and provide them with a proper and good upbringing in order to minimize on such vices. To the criminal justice system sentencing, this individual to death is not an ultimate choice but also to try and understand the reasons as to why the killers behave the way they do, as this would enable them to solve the future issue of similar kinds.

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Conclusion In conclusion, there is a need for further research to be done on serial killers, as this will be of much importance in fighting this vice in the future. Knowing how these serial killers carry out their works is vital and useful in putting up measures that will help in capturing other serial killers that are out there going about their own business unnoticed. Getting a deeper understanding of how serial killers come to be will enable the society and world at large to find a way of finding solutions to these factors. Norris, J.  Serial killers: The growing menace (p. New York: Doubleday. Staff, C. Ted Bundy Grew Up Thinking His Mother Was His Sister & Other Disturbing Details About His Childhood–CrimeFeed.

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