Sexual Orientation and Rights to Adoption

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Further, it is on record that any discrimination based on one's sexual orientation is not tolerated in the country and it is a punishable offence (Hooghe et al. Key points Key points are major areas of investigation in a case where one seeks to get facts as well as other people's opinions. The above mentioned social issue (LGBT and Adoption) has affected many people in Canada due to their sexual orientation. In 1973, during the great pride week, the Canadian LGBT community took it to the streets to protest against discrimination against them. During this period, practicing engaging in same-sex was punishable by death (Rau, 2018). Some of those myths include; the sexual orientation of the LGBT parents likely to affect the child's sexuality later in life.

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However, there has never been one person who has claimed to be affected by the sexual orientation of their parents. It is also notable that even the people, who are in the LGBT community, were raised by parents who were not gays/lesbians/bisexual/transgender but they ended up there (Smith, 2016). Another critical point why adoption rights to LGBT are beneficial is the fact that children need a place to call home and people whom they feel that they are closely associated with. For instance; if we take an example of children who live in a children's home, they are barely given everything that needs and giving them a chance to live with such people will help them develop a sense of belonging and grow comfortably in the care of those parents.

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Meka, (2016), says that when the first LGBT adoption agency was opened in Canada, they received a lot of applications from young couples who seemed to be very happy and excited about the opening of the centre. One of the LGBT community members told Meka that they had been waiting for something like that in the longest time, "We feel pretty strongly that unless we, as part of our communities, take up that role, the government and the public discourse is going to continue to erase us,". The sentiments show that LGBT had the desire to own children it is only that the society did not give them a chance to become parents and to parent children. It was a sigh of relief that finally there is someone who cares about their needs.

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Meka (2016), further says that he met another member and he was amazed by what he said to him; ". Similarly, it is to recognize the efforts that the Canadian government has put in place to ensure that all its citizens are treated in the best way possible and that no one is discriminated because of their sexual orientation. As a result of this law and rights enforcement, the LGBT community feels more secure, respected and living a life of purpose as parents. Works Cited Hooghe, M. , Claes, E. , Harell, A. pinknews. co. uk/2016/10/29/the-first-lgbt-adoption-agency-has-been-set-up-by-this-couple/ Rau, Krishna. "Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual and Transgender Rights in Canada". The Canadian Encyclopedia, 12 October 2018, Historica Canada. Lesbian and queer mothers navigating the adoption system: The impacts on mental health.

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